Advice Wanted - Gwydeon

Hi, I'm Gwydeon and I've always loved the concept behind MMORPGs, but I haven't found one that I truly enjoyed. They were either too grindy, restrictive, P2W, you get the idea. I'm hoping that AoC will be different, and from what I've seen, it will be. I want to be one of the top players and belong to, if not lead, the top guild, but I realize I can't get there alone. I would appreciate any and all tips and suggestions the community may have for me. My ears are open.


  • welcome to ashes ^^
  • Welcome to the community :3
  • Welcome to Ashes!  I would suggest exploring the forums for a wealth of knowledge. 
  • Welcome to the Community. Check out the Guild Forums to see if anything catches your eye!
  • As an upcoming Guild Leader, you are in the right place.  The creative mind behind this MMO is a guild leader who got fed up with all the things gamers have become disheartened with nowadays.  Steven Sharif is building an incredible, No P2W (really) game that lives and breaths by the interrelationships between people and guilds.  The Ashes of Creation channel of the Discord website has many good links that go to all the social outlets with the information on game development.  Get in early, make a difference, shape the world!  Alpha 1 packages are still available through July. 
  • Welcome to the forums :mrgreen:
    Enjoy your stay, 
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