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[NA] Tenacious - Hardcore at Heart, Casual By Nature

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Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature.

We are a huge gaming community founded in 2009,
held together by friends and all our good times together in games.
We provide a laid back & fun gaming environment.
We plan regular social events and run Community Contests;
Such as hosting our own Path of Exile 'Race', HOTS, TF2,
Yearly Biggest Loser Challenge, Screenshot or Cards Against Humanity Tournaments.
We also maintain active chapters in BDO, RO, ESO and Bless
We are a multi-gaming community and many members join for more than one guild at a time.

TENACIOUS is the kind of place you settle down in.
Make friends.
Pour a drink.
Get comfy.

(As the game develops our vision is subject to change)

If you're looking for a guild of adult gamers that understand real life comes first,
But doesn't use that as an excuse to be mediocre gamers - Look no further.
We are pushing the limits of what people have come to expect from a Casual Guild.

Being a Casual Guild - to us, at least - does not mean that we do not have goals.
It does not mean we don't care about your progression.
It does not mean we do not try our best .

It does mean we understand that real life obligations take priority,
because we welcome all kinds of players who want to play and have fun,
because your gear score doesn't define who you are as a friend and guildmate,
because we expect you to join and stay with us for the long haul.

You'll improve. We'll improve. We'll grow and get better together.
And make no mistake: When **** needs to get done; We WILL get it done.

In TENACIOUS no matter what you come to us with:
You will progress.
You will experience everything Ashes of Creation has to offer.
And you will have fun doing it.

Organized Involved Leadership
Active Website with Community Forums
Active Playerbase
Huge Mumble Server
Fun Organized Events Often with Prizes
And Most Importantly: Friends to enjoy this awesome game with!

Don't be an asshat to fellow members or anyone else in game
Be an active involved member of our community
Work together and always have your guildies back
Come into mumble/discord and don't be a stranger
Get bigger, badder, and stronger!

If any or all of this sounds awesome to you please visit our website.
Check out our Charter:
and write an appropriate Introduction Post (Hint: How to do it is written in the charter IMG)

Feel free to ask any questions.
See you in game!​


  • Welcome to the community!
  • As one of our members expressed the other day, you haven't played a game right until you've played with Tenacious! Great group of people! <3

    Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people in Ashes and hopefully running into some familiar faces. :D
  • Hands down the best community I've ever joined. You'll make friends for life here. :smile:
  • here we go again!
  • Proven leadership, great resources, incredible members. 

    Plenty of time to check us out. It's more fun with friends!
  • Woot! TG's ready to rock this game!
  • "It's gonna be legend-...wait for it...and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!"  - Barney Stinson
  • hypehypehype, looking forward to joining everyone in this!
  • Hey everyone! Ive checked out your site and AoC forums, what do i have to do to join you all?
  • BigChedd said:
    Hey everyone! Ive checked out your site and AoC forums, what do i have to do to join you all?
    Looks like you got a handle on it, welcome to Tenacious! For anyone else interested in joining just check out the charter on our site and post an intro thread telling us who you are.
  • Welcome to the Ashes community! Nice to have another guild join us :smile: 

  • Thanks Sinbad.  Excited to take part in more testing of this game!
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