Character Ideas

The tulnar before you spits on the ground and you can't tell if he is grinning or sneering at you.

"No I do not want to know your name, my ancestors have fought these corrupted things for centuries while your ancestors ran and I have wielded a weapon in defense of my home since I could pick one up.  Last the night and you can tell me.  Last a week and I might even use your name.  But for now we must get back to slaying these damned things." 

With that the tulnar turns to the things rushing out from the shadows of the dark cavern singing as his blade cuts into the scuttling creatures.

Shaedlis Gloomsong
Tulnar, Argent.

I have, will, am, stepping through a portal so see the cities that rose, are rising, are falling, fell and tell the stories that they have written, will write, are writing.  The heroes and villains that have lived, are living, will live, in this new and ancient land.  All the stories that the stars show me and the wind whispers to me needing to be told, those that have happened, will happen, and are happening.  I am, will, have told them so I shall do so once more.

Harlkwin Grymm
Vek, Trickster

This is just a taste of the two characters I'm thinking about.  And just maybe you'll find out more about them once we are in Verra and you can spend time with them to learn their stories, or in the case of Harlkwin, so he can tell your story.
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