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TeamShortBus - Recruiting! Mercenaries Style [NA]

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Looking for some good times?
Right off the bat:
We are not a guild for the faint of heart. We do not care about being PC. We cuss, yell, and jab at each other constantly. We are miscreants. If you cannot handle crude humor or shit talking in general do not read past this.  If you do apply and are accepted, your first test is surviving an hour in TeamSpeak with us. 

About Us:
TeamShortBus has been together since 2002. We originated in Battlefield 1942. Competing in OGL, CAL-O, CAL-I and TWL. Since then we have played to many games to count and competed in a ton of matches together. We are  pretty close knit and have all met in RL. We even have an annual trip to the Texas Ren Fest near Houston and just get wild for a few nights. We are a group of misfits who cuss, drink, talk shit to each other and did I mentioned drinking......a wow.....a lot. Does this interest you? Then read on. 

What we want to setup in AOC:
TeamShortBus has never been known to really care for being this massive thing. We have always been on the fringes as murderers, assassins, instigators, trolls and assholes. We want to create a group of people in this game to be mercenaries. We will sell our services to fight in sieges for the highest bidder or kill someone for a price. Whatever the payment is, we will decide the size of group you get to accomplish said task. Want to be apart of a 5 man squad that has been paid to hunt someone and kill them? Part of a 20 man team that has been bought to fight in a siege? We will take the payment and divide it among  the ones that took part in the mission. The clan bank will take a minimal commission from the payment. 

Next Steps:
We are in the early stages of getting this figured out and how it will work. So I am looking to take on a couple people now to get this this moving. We will then move to get selected members into TeamSpeak (soon moving to discord) so we can prepare all of this. So if you are interested in being a leader for this operation PM me some details about your self and gaming experience. 

If you wish to be a normie in the guild and want to make some money and be apart of an elite squad of fighters and hit men / woman then PM me your info!

Or you can add me on Discord: B1gT3x#3112

If there are any are smart enough to figure it out I am sure. 


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