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Who would win in a race? Swift Claw or Chocobo?

If you forgot, Swift Claw is the raptor mount that was available in the May item store.
No fair saying, "they're both skins so it would be a tie." They're both real.


  • If you've never heard of a Chocobo I'm sorry you missed out on your childhood. On the bright side, you're young and have your entire life ahead of you. Go invest in crypto so you can buy an expensive sports car you don't deserve when you turn 18. :lol:
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    What color/grade of chocobo are we talking hear?
  • Since there won't be any of those weeb chickens in game, Swiftclaw always wins.

  • undead riding an undead snake I win ^^
  • Dragon wins.
  • Snorlax with a quick claw equipped wins
  • Dragon eats chicken every time.  :-)
  • Chocobo all day, even more so the Golden Chocobo....You're talking about a bird so fast it can run on top of water like those Jesus Lizards.
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