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Underrealm Race?

I saw this on the kickstarter page for AoC, and I was wondering if there was any info on this underrealm race, such as if it will be playable on your first character, or if there will be a certain level you need to have an underrealm character.  (Apologies if the answers are obvious or already known, I am still trying to learn everything that is known about the game so far.)


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    edited July 2018
    These are silhouettes of the Tulnar Race via Concept Art
    Think this video is the Closest thing we got for the Tulnar. But the Video is about the Character Creation a whole
    Fun Fact: Intrepid is aiming for their Character Creation to be similar - if not better - than BDO  ( think it was said in this Video ). So in short ... there's a good chance that you will be able to choose the Tulnar as your first character ... but i'm not* sure tbh
  • Thank you very much for the information!
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