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Possible alignment system for nodes?

I honestly dont know if this is a real thing or not but it would be cool if you stayed in a node for a long period of time that you can then register for citizenship for that node when it hits stage 1+, and lets say this comes with benefits while in your node area such as if other players that are aligned with another node try attacking you in yours. Also this could create random quests that require a call to arms if another node is attacking a portion of land and trying to take it, for i dont know say certain resources that are more abundant in said area and a merchant guild (made up of players) pays top of the line pvp players to go take that land so that the merchant guild could acquire the resources from it.


  • To add to this you could gain benefits from gaining citizenship to make it more enticing to register for a one
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    I'm sorry if i'm miss-interpreting your post but if you are just talking about node citizenship then it's definitely a thing.

    Here is a blog about the leaders of nodes which you might also find relevant.
  • I am not a big fan of bonuses just because. If Ashes has citizenship bonuses, they need to be the same for all node levels and at least be equivalent for all node types. Otherwise you will have unnatural player flow into the large metropolises for bonuses that are 'needed to compete.'

    As I said, in general I am against almost all non-gear, class, race, religion bonuses. I like the Tavern buffs idea, along with class generated buffs. Guild buffs are okay if those guilds 'buy' them with 'leveling points.' Imo.

    Marriage, friends, families, citizenship, etc. bonuses don't make since or add value imo.
  • I'd go and watch the videos on YT regarding the nodes and look up a wiki to read about it, I think some of these things were already talked about.
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  • Intrepid have addressed some of the concepts you discuss. I suggest you make use of to get some more info.

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