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Ashen Portal - An Ashes of Creation Discord Community for Content Creators, Guilds and Players

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Ashen Portal is a community centred around the upcoming MMORPG game Ashes of Creation by Intrepid Studios.

The goal of the community is to connect like minded people that have a burning passion for Ashes of Creation regardless if you're a content creator, a guild or a player.

We offer promotion channels for our content creators, a recruitment channel for guilds and discussion channels (both text and voice) for everyone to use.

You can now also find discussion, theory crafting, builds, guides, help and media channels for every primary archetype

Interested? Use this link to join us on Discord:


  • We're closing in on our first milestone of 50 members and I'd like to take this time to thank everyone that's joined our community.

    We also have an update: We've now added discussion, theory crafting, guides and builds and media channels for all 8 primary archetypes.
  • We've reached ~140 members and decided a re-branding from from #WeStreamAshes to Ashen Portal was needed.

    Since we offer so much more than just stream feeds we thought the usage of "Stream" in our name would hurt us in the long run. We want more than just streamers to join the community because we want the Discord to be a Portal to everything Ashes of Creation. Be that finding builds/guides, content creators that cover your server or finding someone to group up and play with on your server.

  • We've made some changes to the builds and guides section of the discord. You will now be required to request a theory crafting role in order to post your builds and guides. Another new feature is the help and feedback section (for archetypes). This is the channel where you can ask questions and get help, be that strategies (for doing certain dungeons), working out rotations, etc.
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