Who wants to start a "Guerrilla" guild for this game?

I've played MMO's since 1999 been officer in small and larger guilds/clans ever since then until 2006 when I started my first guild on own. It went well. Name started with Lego to Legosoldat and ended with "Guerrilla" as name and after long domination of one guild in the game the guild went to a rogue state dispanding the guild informing all to work with common goal to never let one singularity dominate all rest. Ever since then after I stopped playing that game, in every new game I started a new guild/clan with same goal to never let one singularity dominate the rest. In every new game I made new names of guilds and so on and no certain leader. If anyone interested in being part of this in Ashes of Creation then let me know. But do know your anonymity is for the better but I will start a guild in Ashes with proper Guerrilla warfare.
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