whats going on my gaming family?!

Hey everyone reading this, just wanted to introduce myself to the community. My in game name is Pteric (the p is silent, though ill admit its humorous to have someone accidentally call me pahteric or give up and say Patrick) , some people who have been in the mmorpg community for a while may also know me as "XOneShotAgonyX" or "t One shot t" or if for a very long time you may also know me as "nrp1999"

 I would personally say i'm pretty experienced in mmorpgs and hope that very experience can help me better myself as well as help newer players in this genre of gaming understand more about why people will put thousands of hours of their lives towards these games lol.  some of the more notable mmo games I've played would be Runescape 3, Old school runescape, wizard101(yeah i know, cringe all you want, but that was the Sh*t back in the day!) and Elder Scrolls online, in elder scrolls I was one of the top trial players at one point in time, i had some of the highest recorded DPS (damage per second, or simply put, my damage output) characters (a stamina dragonknight) and at one point i had the highest recorded DPS magic sorcerer in the game, i was always one of the first people to try to complete new trials, and always loved to help players who weren't as experienced learn the mechanics of high end pvm content so that they may complete it as well. i left the game because college started and i wanted to focus on that for a little bit to make sure i could adapt to the environment first before trying to implement more hobbies into my life, needless to say i'm doing pretty good so far and putting time towards this game shouldn't be much of a problem! 

i'm an avid PVM (player versus monster)  player and prefer to run games solo or small groups with friends (you reading, yeah you, let's be friends so we can player together sometime!)  before settling down in a guild, that said, i love to teach and help guilds accomplish high end pvm content such as raids  ( really hoping there will be stuff like that in this game!!). i dabble in pvp as well, but like i said earlier i will do whatever it takes to be top tier in pvm! if you ever want to play together then just message me on my account in the forums,  in game or on discord Pteric#2773. I hope we can all build a great everlasting community!


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