Greetings all from an Aussie gamer.

Hey my name is ScythA.

I've been following how Ashes is going for a quite few months now and decided to buy a pack to show my support, which I now regret not doing earlier otherwise I would've bought lifetime sub. My hype for this game is off the charts I have so much hope and faith invested in this working and as a gamer I want to contribute to something we can all enjoy.

I love MMORPGS like WoW, Rag, Tera, GW2, PoE, etc. My other hobbies include reading fantasy. manga and anime. At the moment I am catching up on all the Ashes info that's out there. I've been through all the blogs, currently watching all the YouTube videos and then I'll go through the forums.

I'll be looking for an Aussie guild that's heavily into raiding, dungeons and all things PvE. My PvP interest is very light compared to that of it's counterpart but I don't mind dabbling a little. The classes I'll be playing will be combinations of Fighter and Bard. I like close combat and support roles. My first character will likely be Fighter primary Bard secondary. If I could compare it to characters I'd want a cross between Kirito from Sword Art Online and Shiroe from Log Horizon. I've always found anything dual sword related to be super fun but usually settle for dual wielding. I play Enhancement Shaman in WoW, DPS Warrior in Tera and Support Engineer in GW2. 


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