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CheckSix Gaming PVX

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Guild Name – CheckSix

Website -

Discord -

Twitter -

Server - TBD (PVX)

Focus  - Player vs Player { Arenas, Sieges} Progression Raiding, Community,Mercenaries,Crafting  

About CheckSix

           Established in 2003, CheckSix Gaming is a premier professional esports organization and pioneer in the global competitive gaming scene. We have cemented our legacy over the past 14 years with over 50 championships at the most prestigious esports circuits across the globe playing almost every major PC game title to date. This rich history has led to us to being viewed as a passionate trusted brand and partner within the esports industry. We build gaming communities from the ground up. We believe Ashes of Creation is the next big online game community we want to foster.

About the CheckSix Guild

           CheckSix Ashes of Creation is a community of gamers with a like minded passion to be the best. Teaching others has allowed us to build up a strong core of dedicated members. If you are active, willing to push yourself to succeed and a team player then we want you. We are diverse with many unique and varying personalities but a common goal that ties us all together. To continuously develop well-rounded players who are interested in being part of an active gaming community that succeed at all aspects of play.

We offer access to a foundation of seasoned leadership as well as discounts and special promos from our partners OPSeat and LucidSound. We will also deliver top quality content to help you become better at the game. We plan on running giveaways and contests through additional community events so you can get your hands on some prizes. Access to custom gear, exclusive merch and tickets to events like PAX and Dreamhack.

What do we look for in Players?

We are looking for passionate gamers who share the same mindset of having fun while trying to be the best. We expect you to play to the best of your ability, whether that means you're chasing a rank one title or just a casual gamer who just wants to gather some mats and have fun. Our vision is for every member to feel they are apart of a legendary community while having fun and being the best they can be.

How to Join

We do not accept or tolerate any form of sexism, racism, homophobia or general hate. We pride ourselves on being a large open minded community. Players from all background types with a passion for gaming bringing us together.


  • Looks good, would be interested a little more in your plans for AoC. Might hop in your discord sometime.
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    Our plan is simple to dominate in every aspect of the game and have a blast while doing it. While making some memories and friends along the way
  • Don't forget the G-Fuel xD  
  • Gfuel is my fuel
  • Great guild! Lots of cool streamers, will be very competitive in the pvp scene.
  • Welcome to the community!
  • Czar said:
    Welcome to the community!
    Looking forward to playing with you all in A1!
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    Thanks for the Welcoming :D looking forward to A1  and for everyone putting in applications feel free to pm on discord X6 - Cluckey#1630
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    Going to be Starting Wow Pvp nights with the Release of Battle for Azeroth and Monster Hunter World (pc) weekends if you guys wanna play doing Gfuel Prizes and maybe give away a headset or 2
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