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Server dividing?

NA servers and EU servers? or is gonna be a few servers for a region?


  • How will multiple servers work? Are you locked into a server, will there be shards?[20]

    1. Server locked, not instanced map spaces within servers. Each server will have their own population, with no crossover between.
      1. Node system requires it because of the differences between servers. Differences between servers will mean no crossover will be possible.
    2. Each server should tell a different story, be dynamic.
      1. When a young kid, Steven loved Goosebumps, specifically Choose-Your-Own-Adventure. Always had a choice, wants to have a similar story telling feeling to each server.
      2. Doesn’t understand why it hasn’t already been implemented
      3. So cool, wow.
      4. Enabled lots of player stories, lets people on different servers regale each other will awesome stuff from their server.
      5. These are the experiences that people remember from MMORPGs.<

    Will this game be IP Blocked? What server regions will the game have, such as EU, NA, OCE?[40]

    1. Planning to launch with:
      1. NA
      2. EU
      3. OCE
    2. Tentative plans to have a Brazilian server. [41]
    3. No planned IP Blocks.
      1. Self publishing means they probably won’t need to restrict things.

  • Thank you for the info
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