Some few questions

I am just wondering over some few thing that I really haven't understood or gotten the information about.

The 1st question being about how to buy the game. So far I have understood to play it you need to pay a 15$ per month to be able to play it. But is there a price that I need to pay before. Like do I need to buy the game and then pay 15$ per month, or is it just the 15$ and then if I like the game I continue to pay that price? And how will it be with new content, will it be locked behind a pay wall. Or will it be free content to everyone who plays the game because it is a monthly subscription and the studio gets money each week?

The 2nd question being about PvP. Will PvP be everywhere, no matter what or will it be special areas. But if it is everywhere will there be someway to see if that specific player is a PK. Like will there be for example Karma and every time you kill someone your karma gets lower and lower if you are the one that starts attacking. But if you join a fight to help or protect someone your karma wont decrees. And after a while your karma starts to go up again. Will there be something like that?

The 3rd question is being about spawn. How will we start of the game, will we all just spawn at a random location or will we spawn on different places depending on class and races. Or will everyone have their own place where they spawn. And how will it work then if you have a guild and/or friends you wanna play with, how will you get to them?

The 4th question is about Guilds, will there be some system where you can see who is online in your and have a special guild chat in game. And if you spawn on different places can you fast travel to each other? Will there also be special buildings in game where your guild can set up like if you find a city or a village will there be a possibility for your guild and others to have a building where everyone can come either to ask for help, enjoy each others company or join the guild?

Thanks in advance to everyone who hopefully will reply to these questions.

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  • beyond89beyond89 alpha-stress-tester
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    For question 1 
    From what i understood the game will be free but a monthly subscription will be required. 

  • FsQLeFsQLe alpha-stress-tester
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    1-st: u must pay only 15$ per month. U'll have full content for this money. That's all what I know. At the start in 2 years, everything can change

    2-nd if u play lineage2, i know 3 status:
    - normal (green)
    - chaos (purple)
    - PK (red)
    if u kill green player - its PK
    if u kill purple player - its PvP (your karma don't decrees)
    if u kill PK - it's ok, but if u have bad karma, after kill PK your karma don't upper. its system can change

    3rd about this talk on stream, but i don't remember

    4-th. No fast travel. no teleport, only leags and pets. Players have guild chat.

    On other questions I do not know the answers.
    I hope helped u.
  • UnknownSystemErrorUnknownSystemError alpha-stress-tester
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    1. The game is only $15 sub per month. No box cost and no cost for future expansions/dlc. You are NOT required to purchase a pre-order package. Only those that want to test and see the game do so. There is no advantage to testing. All testing servers will be wiped of progress before live launch, and live servers are seperate from testing in any case. There are exclusive cosmetics that can be purchased by pre-order pack holders. None of those cosmetics give any stat advantage or any other advantage besides WOW! factor.

    2. Their anti-pk system is extremely similar to Lineage 2s, but is even stricter in some cases. It is called corruption and I suggest looking at if you have questions. It has been explained in depth how they plan for it to work and will be adjusted during the testing phases to make sure it is effective.

    3. There are 5 starting portals in game. Originally they were restricted to race, but they have since decided that any race can choose which portal they wish to start at. There will be 4 surface portals and one Underrealm starting area for the Tulnar. Basic services, tutorial, and quests will be given in that area. There has been no confirmation so far if they will be no pvp zones, but if they follow the examples of other games, most likely will be safe zones where you can't be pk'ed in the area immediately around the portals to prevent new player griefing.

    4. Guilds will be a huge part of the game and extensive guild systems and management options have been promised. So most of what you asked for is a given.

    There is a plethora of information to go through. I recommend one of the wikis and watching all the relevant livestreams and interviews, but that will take a fair amount of time. Happy Hunting!
  • EragaleEragale alpha-stress-tester
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    1st Question
    • $15 a month | Future Expansions will be free along with it. Duly note however ... the Node System is supposed to unlock Content ( along with location ) So there could very well be some undiscovered content that may have never been unlocked on Server A as opposed to Server B having of unlocked it ... along with Server B never unlocking other Content Server A has ... and vice versa for of the other Servers.
    2nd Question
     This timestamp ... ( ends at 55:52 ) ... I'm unsure what they mean by " safe zone " . But probably not what you think . Up for you to decide

    The Corruption System will be more punishing than BDO's Karma System - in fact the Corruption System will not be anything like BDO's Karma System
    • Green, Purple and Red  via Non-Combatant (Green),Combatant (Purple) and Corrupted ( Red ) .... Red name is achieved by killing a Green-Player. If the Player continues to Kill more Green-Players ... the " Corruption-Score " will increase. The higher your " Corruption-Score " ... the lower you stats will be lowered
    • It is unknown if Purple-names will increase the Corruption-Score ( I don't think so, but it will be tested nonetheless )
    • Thin of the Corruption-Score like Levels ... only that ... its inverted. i.e. Bigger/ Higher is worse ( from what i can tell ) ... almost like an illness worsening 
    So far, there are only two ways to get rid of it 
    • Through Death
    • or Through doing a Series of Religious Quests - but doing it this way is meant to be slower 

    3rd Question
    4th Question
  • T-ElfT-Elf alpha-stress-tester
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    Eragale said:
    • It is unknown if Purple-names will increase the Corruption-Score ( I don't think so, but it will tested nonetheless )
    Killing Purples will not increase corruption.  Purple means you have consented to PvP.  


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