Guild alliance Icons

Will we have Guild Icons besides out character names like Line][Age, Tera Online etc?

Guild garments are generic ugly and cover our armors.


  • I dont think we were told anything about this yet, but I assume we will be able to display guild icons in some way.
  • I know the leader of men pack had an lot of items that involved guilds so I don't think its impossible that you will have this
  • It is fairly realistic to expect guild icons, though AFAIK it hasn't been mentioned. It would be cool though! 
  • I would prefer that you didn't know what Guild someone was in unless you actually walked up to them and looked closely at what they are wearing.  It added more realism to the game.  "You are walking along a roadway and in the distance you see someone approaching, you don't know if they are friend or foe. As you get closer to them you realize they are friend from the clothes they are wearing." I prefer this then tab target at a distance and look at the guild tag.  I'd like this game to get away from the norms of other games and broaden our experience.  Have us get more fully immersed in the experience.  I'm tired of the global spam of "looking for a healer for Rockhold Instance Elite level" and other similar types of experiences.  Just my point of view. 
  • @Lex1961
    Hi Lex.
    Many times have I though about realistic identity mechanics. Eg a hood could hide a characters name and such(i think they did it in bdo), however what might be cool at first will prove to be an annoyance.

    I believe that we should have guild icons because in mass fights and sieges you need to be able to tell if an army approaching you is an ally or an enemy target.
    Same goes for open world encounters (fighting during xp/raid/farming).

  • I like and also expect there to be kind of Alliance icon or at least some sort of color code for people to know if someone is in your own alliance; much like groups/raid.
  • I agree with this also.  Knowing if and how many opponents you are attacking in castle sieges doesn't take away from immersion. At the very least guild icons for castle siege. Anything else.. .meh
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