Just read up on this game today, and I'm pretty excited. I started play MMO's nearly 15 years ago in Shadowbane, and I've dabbled in around 15-20 different MMO's since then. None since Shadowbane have held my attention for more than a few months at best, but this one looks promising. It has potential to replicate many of the great PvP moments (epic city sieges and large scale MMO fights) that I have been missing.

I'm looking forward to getting more information.


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    Welcome @Affy

    Welcome to the Hype train fellow passenger! i hope you enjoy your journey :)

    If your looking for some answers to some questions you may have regarding the game be sure to look in the links on this thread here
    <a href="https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/helpful-links/#post-2186If" target="_blank">https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/helpful-links/#post-2186If</a>

    If there's any there are any further questions, concerns or suggestions you’d like to make or you just want an active community to speak with,
    make sure to visit the Official Discord available for the public:

    <a href="http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation" target="_blank">http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation</a>

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    Welcome to the forums, Affy. Here's to hoping the game ultimately becomes everything we (you included) believe it can!


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    Welcome to the community!
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