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Alpha 2 Streaming

Hi, Not sure if anyone else has asked this but, I was looking to buy one of the packs from the store to get access to the Alpha 2 once it's avaliable in order to stream it on my twitch channel. However i'm sure if this would be allowed by the devs or not?


  • I'm pretty sure that starting from Alpha 1 and onwards we will be allowed to stream/make gameplay videos of the game, could be wrong though :3
  • That would be amazing. Would love to be able to play this on stream and get people as excited as I am for this game :P Haven't been this hype for a game in a LONG time.
  • They have stated multiple times that none of the paid alphas or betas will be under NDA.

  • Correct

    No NDA after After 1 begins.
  • Thats awesome! Thanks for answering that for me guys. Still new around here haha. Hopefully see you in Alpha 2! 
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