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Report function built within game?


Does anyone know if there will be a possibility to report player in game?

Im suspecting there will be trash talking and harassing with open world pvp.
If there were an easy report function it should cut a lot of that out and create a more mature community.


  • Probably. Keep in mind trash talking is a part of games. Reports won't get much notice unless its extremely offensive or something
  • There will indeed be a report player function in game.

  • I dont see how a game could function these days without one, depends just what is bad enough to warrant a report.
  • how will the system be? Will it be that if a certain person get a lot of reports they will look into it or will they look at every report?
  • Yeah,
    Just in from my previous experiences one seems useful, maybe even mandatory for communitys development.

    To me trashtalking is verbally insulting others.
    Not sure what the proper definition is.
  • Sebas said:
    how will the system be? Will it be that if a certain person get a lot of reports they will look into it or will they look at every report?
    No one knows for sure. They have promised active in-game live moderation in addition to a ticketing system. Not that hard to provide chat logs and proof of bad actors in today's systems. Will you be able to get people auto-banned through spamming reports? Most likely not. But no game now wants to allow the bad press that accompanies bad actors. Look at Conan and their problems with neoNazi racist servers they had to try and clean up. Intrepid is sure to take a much quicker and harder response since their servers are not 100s of small player created/hosted ones, but theirs.
  • I left WoW due to an issue with their policy in regards to reporting.

    My player name was reported (which I am ok with), and I was made to change it (again, ok no problem).

    The issue I had, was a person copied the 'exact' name to another server and they were left untouched.  Slight variations/deviations were also left untouched (66+ people).  It may not sound like much, but I saw it as bias and quit (had been playing since launch).

    Would be curious to see the reporting policy, and would hope that it is not left purposefully vague, so issues can be danced around (by the GM's).  I deal with policy enforcement/change control IRL so I know it is challenging.

    Looking back, maybe I should thank them.  It lead me to some browsing and the discovery of AoC :)

  • To me trashtalking is verbally insulting others.
    Not sure what the proper definition is.
    I don't see why that would be a reportable offence as long as they weren't being overtly racist, threatening violence or similar, receiving a bit of trash talk from a salty opponent makes everything all the more fun for me and it's a healthy part of the competitive scene in my eyes.

    If you can't put up with the usual digs form other players then there will most likely be an ignore or block function so you can block yourself from being able to see chat from certain players.

    If you're of the more.. 'sensitive' disposition then the block feature and adult language filter we'll inevitably see will probably going to be your best friend and a much better option when compared to a ham-fisted policy against harassment which will no doubt be abused by the professionally offended.
  • Hmm... yeah normal insults arent something that warrants a report, things like racism are more along the lines of what should be reported otherwise a chat block would be more suitable :3
  • After doing a little more research on this Ive got to agree that verbal abuse is also too vague for a rule. Harassment will cover what is needed even though definition of that is also rather vague and subjective.

    Found something from wiki under harassment laws, seems pretty valid.
    Serves no useful purpose beyond creating alarm, annoyance, or emotional distress. 

    To me the draw goes along with reason.
    Can u reason urself that its smart or productive to threaten or bully? No.
    Can u reason urself to get offended by someone online? No.
    Can u reason urself to disrespect? No.
    Can u reason urself to tell someone is bad at the game and cant play? Yes.
    One universal law around this should be that the truth should never offend you.
    Just the general respect for others and good manners should be encouraged.

    The extremes of getting hurt from nothing and trying to hurt someone on purpose should be rooted out.
    The golden midway exists.

    In the good old runescape days people were more sophisticated. When someone attempted to insult they were smart about it and the insults were clever enough to even be funny. Nowadays its just insulting for no reason with void insults and people feeling insulted for no reason...
    Damn Im 23 and feeling old...

    Its really hard to decide where to draw the line of whats okay. Perhaps AoC has hired some phD philosopher for that :D
    The laws around harassment also seem more resonable than general definition.

    Created the topic just to know or suggest ingame report but talking philosophy is also interesting.
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