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Lurker, new to posting

Just upgraded my Founder Kickstarter pledge to Braver of Worlds, figured I should get more active here.

1st MMO I really got into was Neocron, but I've played the likes of Everquest, Dark age of Camelot, SWG, Both Planet sides, Both Guild Wars, Rift, Age of Conan, and took a stab at ArchePay2Win.

Considering the development team, I have high hopes for this one.

If the system supports benefits of having a small guild, I plan to make my own as mercs for hire to work with larger guilds. Else, I plan on taking my small everyday gaming group to one of the larger guilds.

Crafting focus will absolutely be brewing and owning a Tavern. Hoping for a boat model turned into Tavern type building the most, that's one cosmetic I certainly would buy. Unless I can beach an actual ship and do the same thing.


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