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seperate regional recruitment_channels in Discord

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For a long time guild_recruitment on the Ashes of Creation Discord channel
has brought confusion to many people, since it's a combination of diffrent regions.

This thread is a suggestion to add different regions recruitment channels within the Discord of Ashes of Creation. Adding this suggestion will make it less a fight to become the lastest post. Since after all most of the so called "recruitment posts" are from American regions, while Europe and Oceania/Southeast Asia are mostly bumped away by them as well.

The amount of the non-American region guilds are significantly less, this will help them to be seen.


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    I 100% agree with the points brought up here and also second this.
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    [REE] is the only guild you need to join
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    This has been raised with Intrepid. We'll keep you updated with any progress.
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    It is the same 10 guilds who post in the channel 90% of which sport an NA/EU/OCE recruitment
    Perhaps once we have the guild functions in game and there are established guilds in the various regions and the idea is warranted.

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