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Hello there! I was wondering if there will be new abilities that ill have to learn outside of the boundaries of our class trees. Let's say I'm a magic caster that maxed out their skill tree and i want to have more abilities outside of what i already know. Are there tomes or ancient texts of magic that i can find and learn for myself? Also, are there relic weapons to find in the world that are rare?


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  • You mean IRL? You could learn voodoo I guess.
  • Relic Weapons:  Yes there are Legendary weapons in the game.  These are limited in quantity and extremely rare.   There will be some that it takes years to find.   

    Skills:   We have limited knowledge on all of the various systems in the game, but yes to our belief the social organizations will provide some additions.   The one solid and confirmed one is that it will give an additional "dial" to crafters.   Beyond that, we all have been waiting patiently for more news and insights.   
  • sunfrog said:
    You mean IRL? You could learn voodoo I guess.
    I need to see voodoo doctors in ashes now ^^
  • Not much information on skills and so on :/
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