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With augments for religion, social, armor, jewelry, weapons, potions and other forms, does it really matter from a "combat" capability aspect what your race is?  Is the racial modifiers really going to have any significant meaning beyond naked and level 1? 


  • No response?  Not even a secretive half answer?  I had a similar question in the Aug17 Q&A that wasn't answered
  • Sorry, your question is in a topic area that doesn't get very many views if it hasn't appeared on the recent discussions list. They said that they want racials to matter beyond what say has happened in other games like WoW when you choose you get a minor buff that is useless after the first two hours of gameplay. Racial augments are meant to have heft and weight in the process. We have no clear information on how those augments will change the ability beyond changing the base skill in different ways. Not all skills will be able to be modified by all augments. As an example lets say you have fireball. Once you have your secondary class later in your characters development you will be able to augment those primary skills. So that fireball will have 4 augment slots possible. 2 possible augments from the secondary archetype, one slot from a social organization, and one slot able to be augmented from the racial. These numbers are pure speculation. Could be 3, could be 5, we just won't know till they release more information later, but the basic premise is what they have stated.
  • Thank you for your comments.
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