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Hardcore Mercanary Guild

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edited August 2018 in North American Guilds
Looking to form a small mercenary band of hardcore dedicated fighters. Our first goal will be to level as fast as we can once the game releases and to claim our victorious name. Then, having our name established and banding under one banner, we will continue to advance through our chosen resource node. Once freeholds are established and the village is constituted, we will begin whatever quest-line is available and/or caravanning to neighboring villages or nodes for increased experience/valuables. Once cities are established, we then start running trading caravans to them while in the meantime defending other larger established guilds from ravaging pirates.  By this time we should have our name known leading to more valuable collaborations.

PM me on forums for Discord invite and Xbox party hosting.
Games I play:
PUBG, Defiance 2050, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (officer of clan, we host every night), Battlefield 1&4, For Honor, World of Tanks.


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