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New guild opening up (EU)

PVE you might know us from Archeage shatigon EU the top guild of the server
some of us will try this game out when it come out. so  set up https://discord.gg/QDtYYS 
we hope it will be good want to start off talking what we want to do where we want to start off quest and a like ..

i have played mmorpg for over 15 years
on archeage we have people all over the eu so there should be some one you can talk to but we just try to talk english 


  • Good luck with setting up the guild and your recruitment guys!
  • *PVE you might know us from Archeage shatigon EU the top guild of the server*
    Edit: More like, the only guild that decide to stay on a dead server to uncontested freefarm world bosses ...
    Can you guys not lie at least LuL , plenty of Archeage old player will give a try to AoC, everyone knows what kind of clowns are PvE   x   D
  • most people moved after we took over they just run away simocf1
    .......no salt simocf1 was you one of the guild what run away ?
  • More like , we transfer to another server , because you were hiding not showing for any pvp, even organized even number... lol
  • we try. that why we went over to shatigon for the pvp
     well simocfi the games dead now any 
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