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Short Sample

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Never written one of these, be gentle. Hope you enjoy lol

It was still and it was silent.

The two became harder to come by as the days stretched on. With all things; worldly and divine in turmoil, it seemed he had not heard silence in his lifetime. He stirred, and the sound of a sword edge being wiped by bolt cloth with an intense calmness shattered the fragile silence that was present moments ago. The sound continued as a rhythmic simplicity, with the minutes feeling like hours and the hours feeling like an eternity, and it carried with it tension of an approaching crescendo. 

Darkness swallowed the evening sky, and strands of moonlight began to creep through the portions of the roof which had collapsed many years ago. Like a slowly encroaching tide the light crawled its way up the ornate stairs, eventually illuminating the mans face. Naturally pale skin that had been lightly bronzed over the years of sunlight was layered by locks of chestnut brown hair which had, like his skin, now evolved to a unique mixing of gold and brown. But the most striking feature were his eyes. Electric and yet full of sadness they were. Eyes that looked like they would be filled with a sheen brighter than the bluest sky in his moments of joy, now held a veil of mistiness that implied his mind was somewhere far away. 

A trumpet blared in the distance and it shattered the scene of chaotic tranquility that had painted itself since the man arrived and although it was not unexpected, it surprised the man how quickly it had sounded. He looked up to the doors and than slowly stood, even with the surrounding darkness he could see the shimmer of the band of men that rode down the road towards him, with the sound of galloping hooves beginning to be audible in the dark. 

The band of men had been riding hard since the morning and the labouring of their horses could be felt by every rider as he pushed his steed to continue the hard pace. They had only stopped once for water and a bit of a respite, but were soon back on the trail and after their prize. Now after what felt like an endless pursuit their time had come, as the location of their prey came into view. As the band rode closer the lead rider raised his hand in a fist, the agreed upon signal to halt. The leader dismounted and motioned for the rest of the men to do the same. The group now crept slowly along the road and through the brush, encircling the monastery and it’s last known sentinel, both of whom were; from the rumours, far from their former glory. Tension began to grow in the belly of the bloodthirsty party, and that tension grew into fear as one of the doors to the once holy site began to open. All those who approached from the front stopped nearly at once, and lumps like iron appeared in their throats. The ominous presence of the darkness within the now opened building was all-consuming, except for the pair of icey eyes that peered at them from the darkness, eyes that were full of fury and the regret of what was to come. 

The young man who thought himself apart of a dangerous force awoke in the mud to the soft patter of rain falling on his upturned face and the rest of his body felt numb. He tried to sit up but was forced back to the ground as he cried out in pain and grasped at his side, eyes in horror he began to cry as confusion and panic set in at the sight of blood on his hand and the agony that his body was now feeling. There was no response. The young man turned his head wildly as his head began to feel light and his body felt like hot iron was being pressed onto it, and he saw the bodies of his companions strewed across the ground, some corpses seemed like they had been burned alive yet there was no smell of burnt flesh; although most had merely had their heads severed. Barely able to think the overwhelming sense of confusion the boy felt began to now set itself to dread, and the hyperventilation now became quiet gasps for air from the young man now turned corpse. 

The man walked back up the ornate steps where he had rested before it had occurred. He sat back down against the side of an altar and began to methodically wipe the blood from his sword edge. Again all was silent but for the rhythmic wiping of the sword edge. The man looked up at the moonlight and began to drift asleep.Images of foreign fields, of dark caverns and beasts of old appeared in his dreams; and the man walked through them all like a lucid spectre. Finally, he came upon a large arch with a heavy presence emitting from it and a maelstrom of energy visible in the center. The man slowly came back to consciousness and smiled “Soon.” he said, before drifting back into a dreamless slumber. 


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