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Not so newly arrived, This is Reaccon

Hey everyone,

guess its time to say hi.

I am Reaccon, and part of this Community for a very long time actually.
Though pretty silent in chats and on this Forum.

Some facts about me:
- im cute
- my last real active MMO was Revelation

Long time ago i was an MMO lover, and i guess i am still....
but just like so many others, all the P2W and other issues with MMOs/Publishers nowadays, have driven me away from the Genre and even particularly from the PC :/

Though, good old times, AoC appeared on Kickstarter.
It felt like a Blessing, and it still does.
A Sandal-wearing-Messiah was standing infront of me (inside my Screen).

Since that moment, i am a backer and proud Member of this Community
(even made some fancy Videos about AoC long ago :# )

Thats pretty much it, see you o/


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