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[] Seamenous Team Demonus / PvX / HC / No girls / NA

Guild Name:   Seamenous Demonus (also known as team tempy)

Guild tag:   []

GM:    the glorious and almighty Lord Tempy

Timezone:   UTC-12:00

Contacts:   Sithik#4963 / Mythic#5927 / Judas#8097

Requirements:   drop out / hardcore / atleast 16 years of age when the game launches / peepee inspection day / no girls allowed in the pillow fort / thicc skin and ass

Who are we?

We are a hardcore experienced group of players that grew by taking in lots of legal refugees from other guilds such as [REE] and [Nexus]

we abide by listening to our glorious overlord tempy. We meme and dream but most importantly we get shit done.

were basically one of the only relevant groups out there and most of our players are highly respected where ever we can most of the time find us camping or ganking kids and at the top of the leaderboards.

We have had major successes in numerous games such as : runescape, maplestory , mabinogi ,yu-gi-oh online and garry's mod.

So if ur looking for a guild that won't just disband tomorrow were your best pick.

We are competitive , We use and abuse , We mine salt , We like shekels.
Its highly likely you will see us alot in regards to stealing shit , openworld pvp and selling ourselves to other guilds or people (this includes protection , scrims , training and ERP)

Sidenote: We also make use of our own version of dkp called ''good boy points'' to keep everything fair. but besides that we basically run a pyramid scheme.

Motto -

Dont jump off the boat - talk the talk walk the walk - farmville dies to jola - you listen to tempy you get shekels - Praise Tempy

Why join us -

Honestly you dont pick us we give you the honor of placing a brick at the bottom of the pyramid. We RP as highwaymen and pirates. Sithik will ERP you if you want and we have some quality memes and crayons you can eat. also every saturday I post a new picture to my patreon tehee x3

Other guilds-

We will most likely be looking to other guilds to sell ourselves and our services, also to disband you and eat you up.


can I please join your awesome squad ?


what creams and oils does tempy use to keep his skin(ass) so nice and moist?

Purera mirifica does wonders ;)

Can i jump off the boat?


Do you guys use discord or teamspeak?


Do you guys use a system like dkp?

Yes we use GBP

Why do you guys keep killing me in openworld?

we speed up and leave those kids behind

Iam already in a guild why should i care about you?

first of all because were better , second of all so your gm can pay the tax and we can boost you.

Have any questions or interested in a attempt to become relevant? contact us on discord.

Heres a picture of our glorious overlord in case you are unsure about joining


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