Spell Research, Ritual Spells & other input

Hey folks, did some constructive thinking the last few days, i am not sure how much of this came up before or is viable at all. I just let you guys tell me that my ideas are silly :) I was contemplating the fantasy and scifi books i read lately and came up with some stuff. 

1. Spell research: I think it would be very cool if you actually had to research certain spells from materials and bits of knowledge. These kinds of spells could be twofold: either creating spells effects combining different disciplines or rituals which allow for certain perks if you reach far enough in any certain discipline. For example, a character with a strong affinity to earth could get a small ritual which allows him to find ressources easier, a small fire ritual could lighten up the vision of a person, a small air ritual could make the char move faster and so on. There should be multiple spells researchable, from very small things to big rituals which need several casters of the same class with knowledge of the spell to cast.
2. Ritual Spells: since we have city assaults i was thinking it might make sense to introduce ritual spells. An example: in a group of fire mages of a certain level with the right amount of ingredients, the knowledge of the spell and the uninterrupted time could summon a fire drake for the assault on a city. The option to summon the drake should only be possible with multiple players - for example the drake needs to summon 200 levels of fire magic, while each individual caps out at 50 or something like that. The ritual would need several minutes to cast and needs to be done without interruption, giving defenders the option to defeat it. A successfull summoning would incur experience loss in that class and would be time limited. Different spheres might summon different things: light priests an angel (area HoT), demon worshippers a demon (DoT), earth practicioners a golem who is good at attacking fortifications and so on. 
3. Ressources granted by gods to be used in rituals or building. For defeating world bosses you could get small favours from the gods, which could be used in ritual spells, or maybe buildings for a city too. From what i saw we do not know very much about the deities yet. Imagine a temple dedicated to an earth god which has a fountain of gold inside (which of course would have to be tightly regulated). 
4. Being a dwarven-friendly light worshipping priest at heart i was a bit worried about the recently published video. No matter how often i see lightning bolts and fireballs, it always seems boring nowadays. I wish for earthquakes, mudslides, walls of brambles and so on. Since the design team seems to be awesome i hope for creativity in that area.
5. Thinking about cities i really would want to have some city feeling in the game - not just 5 representative townhouses and temples in the middle and thats it. In real life middle ages housing in cities tended to be very small, since everyone was happy to be behind the city walls. So i would appreciate the "apartments" to be some blocks of tightly knit houses with very small paths in between. 

Thats it for now - maybe one or two of the ideas might actually be worthwhile. 


  • I think this would put mages with a huge advantage in crafting, combat and other professions, sometimes big ideas just dont work out, if mages could do things like earthquakes there would be no realistic way to balance it and the rituals would be hands down game breaking, artifacts that can do these things would be much more realistic since they would be rare and hard to get.
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