How many of you have dreamed of creating an mmorpg?

Sat down with your friends and discussed races and classes? Some sort of a lore to go with the world, interesting hunting zones and landmarks.
Used a notebook(pen and paper) to make a draft of the economy and crafting.
Though about farming mats or gathering?

How many times did you get into an argument with your friends and were like "ok morons. Fuck! Let's put a pin on this"

Did you ever though of how your game would be subscription based and everybody would like it so that you could make $$$ and spend them on making big events and PR stuff to further engage your community?

How many have regreted not putting the effort in doing something that you actually like, rather than a normal job that you may feel detached from at this stage of your life?

I am jealous of Steven for having this goinh on for him. But I am glad that he has the means to do something that he likes just as much we the mmorpg gamers like.

There are many things that need to be taken in consideration and stay on top of in order for AoC to be the next big thing (by far).
Infastructure, customer support, graphics, ingame systems, rules enforcment.

I'd like to highlight one. The identity of the Classes. I had a very bad experience in my last mmorpg for the last 3.5 years. I saw the game slowly becoming a complaining competition between the two strongest by far classes, while the others became meaningless to play.

When a player creates a char to become a certain class, he or she has an idea of what this class is going to offer in a group either in PvE or PvP. It is sad when in some games the groups, pvp or pve remove players from the group for not having the only viable classes.

Obviously some classes will be stronger than most, and they too in turn will have their bane.
No class should feel useless and not fun to play.
In order to keep the game interesting I'm sure there will be new levels and new skills. Nerfs and buffs. 
But from time to time the devs should stop, take a look at the Scales and think "hmm. Maybe it was a mistake to make these changes. This class now tips the balance" and go back and undo what created problems. Having devs that enjoy the game and the classes in it, loyalty to them and the preservation of their uniqueness will help make sure that every players is proud for their characters.


  • Just like a lot of kids want to be a soccer star or what not, I'd say a good portion of players wanted or at least imagined a game that they would have made :3
  • I talked about lot with my friends what would my dream MMORPG be like, but I have not dreamed of myself creating one since I know it is one of most (if not most) demanding games to create.

    And I gotta say Ashes will deliver me if it what it promises with nodes is true.
  • if you want to make your own MMORPG then DM a few table top games it will change your view on MMOS 
  • My dream was to create a video game for Vampire: The Masquerade.
    And it came true!
  • Not an MMO, but Ive wanted to make an RPG.. I had a whole concept for it in my head, but I know nothing about making games or any knowledge in designing or coding, so it never made it to paper..

  • Who needs to dream about it when we are getting it built by someone who did 😜
  • Dygz said:
    My dream was to create a video game for Vampire: The Masquerade.
    And it came true!
    gods I love that game so much
  • I have often thought about it, as I have been soo disappointed with most of what is available.  I even got involved in The Repopulation because it seemed very SWGish.  I created NPCs, wrote dialogue, placed those NPCs wrote mission lines around them.  All as a volunteer of course but it was the closest I'm ever going to come lol.  It's a shame that Hero engin ran into difficulties and A&BT stopped developing and now Hero enjin are developing all very strange.   Being involved was an amasing experience tho. :)
  • I would like to see the Paladium PnP RPG, become an mmo
  • I love MMO's, but I don't think I want to create one.. I want to play and be in one.  
  • apparently, i never wanted to invest any of my time or effort into a selfmade mmorpg, though i did think of having my own.

    It would literally have been a remake of Ragnarok Online mixed with some of Cabal Online´s Systems.

    But since Steven started working on AoC, fulfilling his own dreams, i dont even spent time on thinking about my own wishes anymore, but on stevens to become true <3
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