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Stat: Evasion. Increases your chance to avoid by X%

I believe that in action combat mmorpgs, when a character gets hit with a sword or death spell or siege weapon they should lose HP.
In AoC there will be a lot of active abilities with which classes with good mobility can avoid harm or mages can conjure mirages or barriers to avoid getting hurt.

So what do you think? Does Evasion as a Stat belong in this game or better left for Mobas?


  • I think people can start to dodge by themselves ;) I would be pretty annoyed if someone standing inside the radius of my meteorite wont take damage due to 'evasion'
  • I think the stat based evasion can be OK even if we are talking about action based combat, because you can move your head/arm, etc to avoid hit even if you stay in place. But I think some kind of skill should be unavoidable, mainly the AOE skills. If you are in an explosion radius, there are no possibility to avoid the damage, even if you are playing Neo from the matrix.
  • Evasion for me should be passive.  I also believe that it should act like a glancing blow and you would take maybe 25% damage versus full damage.  This would work also if you are hit with an aoe or dot damage.
  • I don't know what stats will be in Ashes, if Evasion is one I would be okay with it.

    If it is a stat I think it should be passive, but that you only get maybe 1% DMG reduction for every 4 points if it goes to 100. That would give 25% dmg reduction with an Evasion of 100. I think these types of skills just encourage players to stand there and try to kill their opponent faster, as opposed to actually moving and running about.

    If it is a skill, allowing it to reduce more damage on a short time frame would be cool. The cool-off for me would have to be a bit, something you really wouldn't be able to use more than once in a usual encounter and maybe three times with a boss.

    I think there should be a stat that effects your AC, which can be role-played anyway you want. Other than that I believe most DMG reduction should come from Armor, Shields, and Magic.
  • I have the same opinion as @Azathoth ;

    Until we know what stats are in AoC and how they actually calculate damage plus any other modifiers in AoC I'm hesistant to say dodge should be in the base stats as its a very gimmicky way to play.

    Perhaps an active skill you have to activate that has a limited timeframe for a certain percentage *chance* to dodge. But not something so op that it can just dodge a flaming meteor blast. So no AOE dodging as thats just satirical.
  • Though i always liked the Stat-System in Ragnarök Online, for example, i wouldnt like the fact, that i dont have to try to avoid damage with movement, because of my stats.

    also i think that would lower the skill-cap a lot, but nice thoughts here.
  • I take back my vote nd change it to no. Dodging should be the one thing i believe that absolutely must remain as part of the action combat. If you can't react and dodge (because most abilities have a cast time and such) then too bad for you i guess?
  • I voted for passively.. 
    Granted there are awesome skills, but I'd put those down to being hit.. Like if you are training in a martial arts and sparring, you'll get better at it and instinctively learn to dodge and react appropriately n counter, regardless of what sweet awesome moves the opponent is throwing at you..  Nothing is surefire hit.
  • I take back my vote nd change it to no. Dodging should be the one thing i believe that absolutely must remain as part of the action combat. If you can't react and dodge (because most abilities have a cast time and such) then too bad for you i guess?
    These are my sentiments as well.

    If there is already an active dodge roll with and I frame there is no reason for rng Passive dodge stat at all.

    And definitely not dodging AoEs and it is really nonsensical IMO
  • I vote for no, I think damage mitigation in in regards to dodging should be put in the hands of the player. Personally I get extremely annoyed if my chances of success are being determined by RNG. 

    However I do think there could be some kind of stats that enhance dodging in some form of way. like increasing dodge range and speed.

    And even maybe certain rare items that enhance/change dodging in some way for a example a long bow that would allow a player to make large leaps, instead of dodging. these leaps could only be performed to the side or backward and have a longer windup in trade for the long distance. 

    I am sure there are quite a lot of creative ideas to still link cool stats for evasion while the player himself will still have to actively evade.
  • Since animations can't portray reactions of real-time event-scenarios, I would say there has to be a !% evasion roll across the board. 
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