Enemy AI Mechanics

Do we have any insight from Intrepid about enemy AI? 

From the digging I've done, Steven has spoken to having memorable boss fights which will feature group mechanics. And we know, that world mobs will have levels scaled to the nodes around them.

But every stream of the game I've seen thus far has portrayed very static enemy AI. These enemies basically just either have a melee or ranged attack and an associated animation. I havn't seen anything where the AI performs a certain action which requires the player to react (such as dodge some special ability).

So is this just a placeholder, or is this the intended AI where your typical enemy will just scale in terms of HP and damage with a basic attack?


  • That's because every stream you have seen so far has been of stuff in very early testing.

    The AI for the mobs is going to get tested, tweaked, and developed in Alpha 1 Phase 1 with the Node Defense - Horde Mode.

    Have to remember, they opened the curtain to show you the game in development YEARS before other companies start showing you anything but carefully prepared videos for distribution.

  • Nothing too major as of yet, this will probably be developed as the testing goes on :3
  • We saw skeletons thats all I need for ai ^^
  • Still hoping NPC A.I. is like DarkFall's Rise of Agon's A.I. 
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