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Experienced MMO player looking for guild.

Hello! My name is Confirmed/Lina and am looking for a hardcore PvE prog guild.

About me: Im 24 Years old, I'm from a small town in Western Australia, I love the Zelda series and have a Zelda themed Sleeve.

Playstyle/Achivements: I see myself as a well above average player, With 5000 hours in Dota 2 and average MMR of 6.7k I know I can adjust to any situation thrown at me. In MMO's I've played in Server First raid teams in World of Wacraft, Played progressively several times in ESO and Archage, Played with Focus in Revations.

Aspirations: I am looking for a hardcore Server First Prog Guild that I can transfer over to from WoW (once I've finished mythic prog). I am somewhat interested in PvP but PvE is what I really enjoy.

What I can Offer: I am pretty laid back guy, I am very much a support type of person who will bolster confidence in a group and give feedback. I take it upon myself to make sure everyone is playing to the best of their ability and that we achieve our goals.

If I seem like somebody who you could see be apart of your core PvE team or if you have any questions please contact me on discord via @_Confirmed#0193

Hope to hear from you soon.
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