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Blockchain in AoC

So, I was watching this video about what blockchain could be in games (The stuff about games start at 4.07. Before that the video explains what blockchain is and how its used today) and I understand that this wont be present in AoC in the near future, or even in the far-off future, but does anyone here think that it's a possibility for let's say 7-10 years from now? 
Somehow I get the feeling that Steven is the kind of person that could try to implement it when all this other development stuff is over, if he got the idea...

How would you guys implement it if you could (since this thread is in part for theorycrafting after all, I want all of the cool ideas!)? Other than what they explained in the video before, I would think it would be really cool if for example this legendary crafter made the sword of his lifetime and this playermade sword would become one of the uniqe items of the game, or uniqe to a server (maybe with possibility of trading in between sometimes). To me this would give the crafters some fame and make it a more desireable profession.
Or using it on animals. Imagine using blockchain to make breeders a large proffesion. They could make purebred animals or make some animals that are valuable as breeding material only (like irl) and using this to make legendary or extra good mounts.

For me, this would complete the community/player-made experience and economy.
All thoughts and ideas welcome :smile:


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    Hello, content creator here who has a "side hustle" surrounding crypto and blockchain.

    "Blockchain" is a fancy word for "database that keeps all translations on a public ledger that has copies on multiple computers around the network". A blockchain is not necessarily better or more powerful than a standard database, and may not be better than normal means of storing character or server data. The value in a blockchain is not necessarily in the way it stores data, but in it's immutability depending on it's consensus algorithm (proof of work, proof of stake, etc).

    You can allow for crafters to have their names on their weapons without a blockchain. Everything you're asking for doesn't need a blockchain. The only reason to use blockchain tech is to be able to publicly and irrefutably verify the data stored on the blockchain itself.

    So down the road? Sure. But all the features you are asking for can and have been done without it.

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    Ok, so mayby using actual blockchain might be very unnecessary...
    Still, I think that the ideas raised are good and that a system where some items/objects remember their feats/stats/improvements and or makers carry on after passing between different owners is really good and I would really like it if it was explored further in AoC. 
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    Krojak said:
    Everything you're asking for doesn't need a blockchain. 
    Until I clone your one-of-a-kind legendary item and sell 1000 of them using some sneaky program.

    I also like the crypto, but I think it's the future. In a world full of lies blockchain is proof of truth. It definitely will be part of every game in the future, and part of real life too.  Maybe in 10 years when we all return to Sanctus in the expansion pack. However, embers (Ashes' game money) will probably never be sold on crypto stock exchanges because that would be pay-to-win.

    This post made me wonder what would happen if there were a limited amount of embers in the game. Eventually grinding on monsters would create monsters that no longer drop money because they've been killed too many times. The AoC store would run out and the only way people could get embers is to play the game. Maybe other things would happen too like income inequality, inflation, shortages of things. Not sure. It's late and my imagination already went to bed. :sleeping:
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    I changed my mind. Crypto is dead.
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