The Ember Podcast - Episode 6: Player vs Player

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The Ember Podcast - Episode 6: Player vs Player.

In this episode of the Ember Podcast we cover everything related to PVP in the game. We draw from the information we've obtained over the last year of live streams, podcast and blog post to theorize what PVP might entail within the world of Ashes. You can watch it here!

Please note this is a PODCAST and is just us sharing our passion for this upcoming MMO. Next episode will be all about PAX WEST and ALPHA 1!

Those who were in this episode include:
Sinbad (GM) of Ember (newly formed guild for Ashes of Creation)
SaintNerd - Dedicated Twitch Streamer (Ember)
ZoomDBZ - Dedicated Twitch Streamer (Ember)

Ember is a newly formed community around Ashes of Creation made up of veteran gamers from the MMO genre. Many of us have been following the game since it was announced and backed at a Kickstarter level. We have been actively involved in the community since then and recently began to create content for it. Our members have previously been featured on another AoC podcast called the Dungeon Crawler Network which has been active for many years at this point in time. If you would like to learn more about the show or our guild feel free to check us out at our website. (please note the site is under construction)
Also visit us in our discord:

Our guild has also been very involved in the community helping to create content with both Deaths Proxy and Aggelos (Dungeon Crawler Network). We were blessed to be represented at Pax in both 2017(West) and 2018(East)!

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