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AoC Comic: Antics of Creation #005

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edited October 2018 in Fan Art

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Oh jeez, it's been forever. Work, so much work. Working on this comic is a great joy and respite from the worries of the world. I hope you guys enjoy it as I do!  As always, comments and feedback appreciated~

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  • Love it!!! You're so talented! I'm always so hyped when you create a post aha ^^ Cleric gear looks fab ^^ You make good use of the concept art and materials we already have ❤️
  • Thank you very much!

    The designs took a bit of consideration; for the cleric, I took parts between a T2 and T3 set and stuck them together, then got rid of most of the gold (I have a thing against gold armor, but that's another story).

    For the mage, I liked the original design, but the ultra-low-cut shirt was a little gratuitous, so I tried to come up with an acceptable undershirt. I think (hope) it looks okay.
  • Oh its so nice to you working on the comic again ^^
    Great job @VoxoV
  • Wow!! very well done and funny ^^/
  • Hey! This is good! More please!
  • Love the comics, dude  :D Squakers is MVP 
  • Bisho said:
    Love the comics, dude  :D Squakers is MVP 
    Thanks, and haha, for an aesthetic pet, he factors into the upcoming story in some surprising ways.
  • Just found it, love it.
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