does anyone have more info on how caravans will work. I know what they are dont state the obvious but, are caravans player transported or npc. Or are they player guarded with noc guards?
now what goes in these caravans? Raw materials? Armors? Weapons? And from these items. MONEY! Will money be sent to a players account when a transaction is completed, or will it have to go back in a caravan before you recieve it. Or you go to the olace it was sold. With that last question will caravans be 100% lootable by in game outlaws aka, players up to no good? And well even npcs trying to get ahold of the loot.? Because im not 100% but someone told me no auction house. Things must be done through caravans between nodes or civilizations? 


  • I suggest reading up here.
    But really quickly. You will find caravans driven by players and some driven by NPCs.
    You can hire both players and NPCs to help you protect it.
    I don't think there are any restrictions towards what you can put inside a caravan, so I believe you can fill it up with Hay or dragon scales, or armor, or weapons.
    if your caravan is destroyed, the attacker can loot only a portion of the transported goods, IDK if the rest is destroyed or you keep them.

    There will be auction house but it will be local, meaning that you can only buy/sell within the town you're in, unless it's not a town but a level 6 node known as a metropolis, in which case it's auction house is expanded to all town within its zone of influence, yes still not global.

    Yes, caravans will be crucial for transporting goods between nodes.
  • All of the above info is good but with one small point. The different metros give 4 different bonuses depending on type. So the Economic metropolis if achieved and the option is built by the mayor can indeed have a ZOI wide auction house. Scientific is ZOI fast travel. Military and Religious have yet to be touched upon.
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