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Crafting: A amalgamation between Soft and Hard

  Taking the definition of hard/soft crafting from 1pwny (
Hard crafting is pretty structured. You have recipes for specific items, such as an iron sword, obtain the proper materials, and then make the item according to the recipe. A stereotypical example of this is vanilla Minecraft, where there are a very limited set of tools you can make, and they all have very specific recipes.

Soft crafting is much looser and gives more freedom to the player. You can create different parts of items separately out of different materials, and then mix-and-match parts to get whatever unique item you want. A stereotypical example of this is the Tinker's Construct mod for Minecraft, which allows you to make different parts of your tools out of different materials. A Flint pickaxe head with a wooden rod would get you a pickaxe that mines quickly and breaks quickly, whereas a Stone pickaxe head with a stone rod would get you a slower pickaxe with more durability.

In my opinion, the best way to enhance the game is to combine the two methods of crafting.

The aesthetic of a crafted item will be determined by the hard crafting method. This would give market values to recipes gained from loot. Of course, the more illustrious recipes, such as a Graven Sword (made-up), will be harder to acquire.  So to make an iron-looking sword a crafter would need an iron sword recipe which requires 2 iron ores and a log of wood (made-up values). 

When the aesthetic material values have been met. The crafter can now augment the iron sword with the various materials. So to make a normal iron sword not only does the crafter need 2 iron ores and a log of wood but an extra ore/log. The better/worse materials the crafter chooses to use will upgrade/degrade the item. There can be even trade-offs in values. I.e A bandits cloak (made-up item) can be used in conjunction with the iron sword recipe to increase dex but lowers int for example.

What do yall think?


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