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How Many Characters Per Account

How many characters per account will we be allowed ? Will the character(s) be able to be transferred to different servers? If limited to 1 character per account will that be per server or per account entirely


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    You will be limited to a certain number of characters per server/per account. The only number that has been confirmed is that it will be "a comfortable amount." You will NOT be restricted to a single character per server, however you will only have ONE freehold per account. Not server, account. That is to focus people on their main server of play, rather than playing server hobo and server skipping rather than focusing on one or just a few communities. Without fast travel and groupfinder, the incentive to build a community and not be a twat is also reinforced. And finally, since freeholds are open world and not instanced, it helps cut down on the abandoned housing effect that was a problem in some games.
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    I think three or four toons per account is a good balance between having alts to try out a good number of races/classes. Just can’t be too high where we can have a toon for every scenario.
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    You get 1 character per account and perma-death rules are in effect.  You die you have to bur a new account.  Pretty hard core if you ask me.
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    I hoping for 9, one for each race, at the very least.
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