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Hammer of Mahal [Dwarven Only][Oceanic][PvX]

Welcome noble Dwarves!

Put down your axe, and pick up an ale, for it is glory that is destined for the Hammer of Mahal!

Hammer of Mahal is an Dwarven only guild.

Whether you’re PVP, PVE or Crafting orientated, all Dwarves are welcome to the Hammer of Mahal. On day one of Ashes of Creation march with us! As we begin the search for our ancient Dwarven underground homeland. Help us build the mightiest Dwarven fortress the world has even seen! Hammer of Mahal will be an oceanic guild. Help us build a mighty Dwarven force that is feared and respected throughout the world. 

To apply, visit our guild website!


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