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New guild mechanic ?

Hello guys, first of all I am not someone who currently plays the game and everything I know is from in-game footage from YouTube either from you or game reviewers.
I am here to ask something about guild-system, will it be possible to implement power-play interaction with guilds for non-guild players/new players?
I still dont know if guilds will be only controlling a fortress or it will be the fortress and the city/zone where this is located.

The idea of powerplay interaction goes as follows:
  • Non-guild players or new players will be able to pledge to a certain guild without the need of joining it (players who joined a guild logically cannot pledge).

  • *The players who pledged to certain guild will be rewarded depending on guild influence/reputation within their zones fortress/city.

  • *Rewards from missions or xp gain from killing monsters/crafting depends on the player pledge rank with the controlling guild counted in %, High rank means higher %,
     now... attacking caravans for example, within the controlling guild zone will decrease your rank, that being said, you can go from Neutral reputation to a bad one.

  • *Players increase their reputation either  trough gold donations, alt-missions within the zone and/or donations of gathering materials, a guild should be able to
     chose which materials they need (certain limit).

Fun part:
Players can change their pledging from one guild to another in 2 ways:
  1. Stop pledging to the current guild, losing all reputation built back to neutral, and
     then pledging to another guild
  2. Convert pledging to another guild losing only 1 reputation rank, in doing so you will be 
    labeled as "traitor" when you enter previous guild controlling zones for the a certain amount of weeks depending on the rank you left the guild with, example:

    Friendly rank > Traitor for 1 week
    Allied rank> Traitor for 4 weeks


The ranks will be also a measurement for guild leaders or recruiters to get players joining the guild within,players who show loyalty during long time will be more likely to join the guild.

Players that are already part of a guild cannot pledge to his own guild but can pledge to another guild, of coursewithin the policy of your own guild leaders (formation of alliances).

What about non-controlling guild?

You wont be able to pledge but you will be able to invest in a certain guild, if this guild wins a certain fortress siege
you will be rewarded according to how much you invested, you can either retrieve your invested gold with the loss/win-ratio or 
retreive the win-ratio.

This option should not be available for players that are part of a guild, to avoid corrupted behaviour.

Ps: English is not my native language, if possible give your feedback on the idea, I am welcoming criticism more than anything else.

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