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[Knights Order(NA)] [PvX]

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Thank You for your interest in Knights Order-

If you are interested in a well rounded guild that is looking to participate in all the content Ashes has to offer then come join us in Knights Order. We are a friendly and active community and our primary rule is that we want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Inactivity will get you kicked <has not logged in for 24 days> HOWEVER you wont get kicked off the discord and when you return you may reapply, if you wish to take some time off you will be excluded from this rule <Vacation, Family Emergency... etc just let us know.> Overall, our end goal is to grow strong, cooperate with other friendly guilds, and enjoy content as a community. When in discord we encourage our members to participate to make things more better for all, and encourage everyone to join in chat. 

We are interested in completing Dungeons, protect the Node from invaders whether it is other Players, or Mobs in hordes. Knights Order will have both PvE and PvP players who will be led by a group of officers whom roles are to organize everyone before battle. 

*Giveaways- Giveaway's will be in our Guild Discord.and be primarily In Game Items/ Currency or Premium Currency (ONLY IF ALLOWED to gift marketplace items to friends, or if the team at AoC adds player cards in amazon, if this does not happen then we will stick to our roots and do In-Game available and trade-able items.)


  • Casual Players ok? I can only play weekends too, might be able to squeeze in some time during the week days
  • yes casual players are more than welcome here. if you cannot play on the weekdays it is ok, we all have our personal lives too. With that said, delinquent inactivity as i call it will get you kicked after 30 days of no login, but that does not mean you are out of the game. You will only be kicked from the guild In-Game but remain in our guild's discord where you can re apply, or even tell us for example, "Hey i will be working these next 2 weeks over time and buy a cruise for a month right after is that ok?" sure. if you want to take time off and go on a vacation or work is on your back by all means no penalty on that just let one of us know.
  • Hi everyone! I'm Vindie, I will be a recruiter in Knights Order. I was a guild leader in a max level guild in Aion and ive played mmo's like Blade and soul, Archeage, WoW, etc. I'm excited to work with everyone who joins and make new friends and memories with our growing guild.  <3 I can tell this is going to grow to something great! 
  • I have a general question.  The world map will be huge, there is no global travel.  Different races will have different starting zones in the world.  Is it the plan of your guild to have most members be of one race in-order to benefit from being grouped right away?  If not, what is your plan in the first few days while people of all races try to make their way to the node you plan to initially occupy? 
  • Great question, we will have several people be of the same race and create the guild wherever we spawn, while everyone goes on to meet up in a IDEAL, we do not want to pick a node just because nobody has picked one yet, it would be ideal to scout the map and find a node that is close to a few great resource locations and not have to struggle traveling for what we need, and to trade our resources for others that we have no immediate access to.
  • can i join i have my big boy pants on i can tie my own shoelaces hahaha
  • To be apart of a guild, i dont believe everyone needs to be in the same node. but it will definitely help alot when regrouping or just being in the same general area in case :poop: hits the fan.

  • @lex1961 so here is the naswer to your question, Tulnar race wont be able to use these but the other 4 races will.
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    come on over
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