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Good Day glorious Ashes-Community!

Hey guys!

I first heard of Ashes a couple weeks ago and have since read up on what intrepid is doing and how Ashes developed in recent months. It's really amazing what they achieved so far and I'm all the more excited for what's to come.

I played quite some MMOs in my time, starting with  Runescape back in 2005 for a couple of years, going to Lord of the Rings Online until 2 years ago and now I only play Neverwinter from time to time. Exactly the issues Intrepid tries to tackle made me play less and less, so as I dove into all the information available on youtube and the forum I began to realize, that Ashes has the potential to fulfill all the needs and wishes I have, regarding MMOs :)

Since Ashes is an amazingly transparent undertaking, I've decided to become part of the community now, more that a year away from release and aid the dev team together with you guys, giving input and ideas, so this game can achieve everything we hope for.
I'm looking forward to future discussions here on the forum, thanks for having me! :)



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