I appear when there's beer... Or some dope MMO as AoC


The act of showing up somewhere because you feel obligated...
but only for one beer because you don't want to stay too ling.

"Ugh... holiday party. Guess I have to go make an abeerance."

~Urban Dictionary

Hello everyone!
And no, I'm not as antisocial as my nickname suggests. I just really like the definition of it. I mean hey, sometimes you REALLY don't want to go to an outing, but you are obligated to go. We've all been there, am I right?

Well jokes aside, my first MMO love was Aion. I liked that game a lot. I always enjoyed the PvP side of the game, since you were able to use supposedly stationary skills on the move, if you know how it works, also you would be able to shorten animation times of skills if you do it properly.
Then I went on with GW2. GW2 PvP was insanely fun! But the player base was very toxic and in the long run, because I was extremely disappointed with the recent MMO releases, I gave my computer away.

Then came AoC. I always had that in the back of my mind and some weeks ago I Googled it again. And holy smokes, I boarded on the hypetraint heading to the realease. So I plan to buy a new computer again and I really hope that AoC lits the fire again for MMO's which I have lost. And as you can see I'm very keen on the PvP part of the game.

I find it really refreshing to see such a transparent undertaking and I decided to become a part of the community. Long story short: I'm looking forward to enjoying this game to its fullest with some maybe very cool people I get to meet here!

Best regards,


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