[EU]The merciless Host

You see I do not have liks to websites and flashy pictures of an emblem for a Guild, this is merely a Idea that I wish would come true. It would be a Guild focused around a node in a snowy cold area and the theme behind this is that we would be the BIG BAD EVIL of ashes other nodes and in general the good players shall fear us. 
These are the features:
-RP eviroment( if you want)
-the only kindness that we show is for our brothers and sisters in arms!
-Being a hardcore player is not required but welcome
-Defending each other and help establish trade roads 

- basic knowledge about how to wirte a English sentece (not my strong suite i know) :smiley:
-Commitment to the node
-Teamspeak/Discord (up for debate)

And thats it I believe pls let me know if you are interested.

Your Sincerly,

Dark Lord of Ashes xDDD


  • Greetings, It's always nice to see new guilds being created for AoC.

    If you require any help in starting your guild with regards to the creation of a Guild Logo, Forum Signature or Banners/Posters please drop me a PM. We're more than happy to help out! 

    Besides that, we wish you the best of luck in your recruitment drive.
  • @Shaze thx will do!
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