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Overall MMO Design Wishlist

Hi, new here and wanted to start out by saying that this game looks quite promising.

However, I do have a wishlist of sorts that I hope and pray that this MMO can meet a good number of them:

• <strong>Seamless world with no loading screens</strong>
YES! (<em>Somewhat already answered in the Q&A</em>)

• <strong>Skill-based progression(no levels)</strong>
<em>Not a deal-breaker, but after going through so many MMOs that follow a leveling progression, the hope is that one day there will be a game that emphasizes primarily skill-based progression and that being the highest factor in determining one's progression/experience in the game.</em>

• <strong>Truly dynamic content and AI</strong>
<em>EQNext's design premise was along these lines. Basically as an example, mobs would change population/location/behavior depending on what happens in the world. Maybe a group of orcs migrate to some new location, etc.</em>

• <strong>Destructable environment</strong>

• Deep PvE content with epic chain quests
<em>Everquest had such quests. Prime example, the Blessed Shawl quest.</em>

• <strong>Action-based combat</strong>

• <strong>Mounts, Sailboats, Some sort of air travel, houses, guild halls</strong>

• <strong>Voiced quest/NPC content</strong>

• <strong>Underwater content</strong>

• <strong>Class inter-dependency</strong>
<em>Can players buff other players with unique modifiers/effects based on profession?
Will there be this and other incentives (besides protecting a caravan) for players to depend upon one another in battle?</em>

• <strong>Multi playable races</strong>
<em>Will this game have more than one playable race? Besides Humans?</em>

• <strong>Meaningful faction system</strong>
?? NO
I found this on one of the videos and quoting it here, as I pretty much believe the same thing.
"<em>One of the things that I believe makes a game have life, is its lore and story. Within that lore and story, typically lies alliances and factions (which could change over the life of the game, and I would support that dynamic).
Factions can be a game within a game as well. It can support certain racial and alliance factions to reveal quests, content, loot, specific to that faction line. Thus, making it so not every player has a 100% equal opportunity to get certain faction benefits.
Now, games like Everquest allowed one, with adventure, questing, killing etc to change one's faction on purpose. This activity in and of itself is like its own game within a game. It's by choice. You don't HAVE to change your faction, because your own faction will have comparable items and content, so it wouldn't be anything that's an imbalance. The option to chance one's faction is there, comes with its own risks, pros/cons and adventure. Work in some diplomatic system into the game, similar to Vanguard: Saga of Heros, sprinkle some updates to such a system, and I think you have a winner.
I'm all for the player making their own adventure. Though, it's also the background, history and lore of the game that needs to be the baseline from how things can evolve. Factions in my opinion allow for a more rich game world and more content and decisions for players to make.</em>"

• <strong>Dynamic Weather system (which impacts game, spells, situations)</em>

• <strong>First person camera view(not just 3rd person)</strong>

• <strong>Global servers (no limits per location to play the game)</strong>
<em>Anyway to piggyback on something like Amazon's AWS or some other such to spin up servers globally across dedicated fibre network like AWS to support global play and not be locked down by physical region?</em>

<strong>MAJOR WISH!!</strong>

Please have large amounts of <strong>uncharted</strong>, <strong>un-mapped</strong>, <strong>unknown</strong> areas to which explore and adventure in.
No roads, no paths, no hand-holding.
Ocean expanse with UNKNOWN islands for discovery.
In essence, please do not fully map out the game world, and keep that to a minimum, so there can be <strong>about 80% discovery</strong> in the game-world.


  • Quicky approach
    • Seamless world with no loading screens
    Basicly yes with some instanced dungeons, arenas is the plan

    • Skill-based progression(no levels)

    Vertical along the tradidional level line and horizontal progession for skills with sub archtype/racechoice to augment your skills

    • Truly dynamic content and AI

    More ore less, there was talk about behaviour change in ai through the seasons and nodedevelopment and the whole nodesystem is basicly dynamic content creation i would say?

    • Destructable environment

    Sieges maybe, otherwise. What for? I suppose you are talking EQ:N style promise? Cool yeah but whatever imo.

    • Deep PvE content with epic chain quests
    Who doesn't want more than your go and fetch quests?

    • Action-based combat
    Remains to be seen, we don't have much in that regard yet. "there will be utility and movementskills" whatever that means and implies^^

    • Mounts, Sailboats, Some sort of air travel, houses, guild halls
    Mounts yes, probably tameable.
    Houses(in several forms, open world, in city real locations, instanced), guild halls already confirmed

    • Voiced quest/NPC content
    Why not but I think it's to big compared to the gain if you want to do it right.

    • Underwater content
    Possible in the future

    • Class inter-dependency

    • Multi playable races
    8 races, I have seen some talk by players about 4 races with 2 subraces each. I don't have anything from developers on that.

    • Meaningful faction system
    Won't happen in the traditional sense. Playercreated factions I think would be the greatest extend, but no predetermined. Maybe even just in name at best on the playerside.
    So welcome and enjoy your stay, hope I could claify some rough overview, the discordchat is very helpful in that regard
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