Do you plan to play on a server that has a headstart for backers?

Hello everyone.

As some of you may know, kickstarter packages provided players with an opportunity to start the game 1-2 days earlier than the official launch. That being said, node progression would be locked during this period.

During an interview over the course of the kickstarter campaign, Steven was asked about headstart and he had mentioned that new servers would open up on the actual launch day. This meant that there would be servers with headstart and servers without headstart.

I don't know if this is still the plan or not.

If this is still the plan, would you prefer to play on a headstart server or play on a server that opens on launch day?

The purpose of the poll is to see whether or not only kickstarter backers will join headstart servers.


  • I play where i want :)
  • Server with a headstart, but I'm biased. They're gonna be the only servers up when I'm able to play. 

    Since you were asking for people without the 1 or 2 days headstart though, my friends and family will likely join me when the game opens for normal launch, so they'll also be playing on a headstart server.
  • I'll be on where ever the guild goes. no other opinion really.
  • I voted but I'll probably just pick the server that appears at the top of the list for NA. Everyone's node progress will start at the same time, so it's not like I'll have much to base an informed choice off of. I'm not in a guild or anything so no obligations there, either. 
  • ill go for most populated, if possible. but at the end, my guild will have to decide where to go
  • If I am in a guild before launch I will follow where they land... if i am still solo by launch, I generally go for population... At the end a few day, a head start is meaningless in overall progression. Especially with nodes turned off.
  • Without headstart and also I hope there will be predownload so I can play immediately as it is released. 
  • I mean I have one so yes I would like to but in the end it depends on my guild
  • I haven't decided yet. If I do, all my exclusive stuff will be common because all us early adopters have the same stuff.  However, we are the most rabid fans so we will probably progress in the game the fastest and unlock all the stuff before the other servers. Later, when they roll out new things the early servers will get them first. So that's a plus. On the other hand, since we are the most rabid fans that means we will all grind and the competition to be the best will be tougher than if we played later against more casual gamers. I'm so undecided. I don't know.
  • I voted against because some of my friends knew steven from archeage(and he hated them, steven...remember rawrpoptartcat? hes my roommate.) and they wont back it until the game comes out....I on the other hand actually believe in what Steven is doing and really dont give a flying (am i allowed to curse here?) f*** about his standing with my friends from previous games.
  • The sooner I can get into AOC the better, just can't come soon enough.
  • I would prefer we all start as equals with no head start.
  • I would prefer we all start as equals with no head start.
    I am so happy to see Bernie Sanders playing MMOs. 
  • I have so I will probably use it :3
  • I assume that anyone who will be preordering a package of a certain price point will gain access to the head start. This will probably come closer to end of Alpha 2 and the beginning of the betas when they release more packages than they have now. It would be odd to only have head start for the earliest of backers.
  • Ultimately I have head start and would like to take advantage however if the guild I am in at launch don't want to use a head start server I will go with the guild choice.
  • Based on what Steven said, Head start servers won't have that much of an advantage though. Head start servers will probably be the most populated one as time progresses considering they will have the players who have financially backed the game. ( Usually less likely to leave. ) Technically anyone who par takes in the alphas and betas will already have an advantage because of the knowledge and experience they've obtained just like people who can play 18 hours a day will have advantage to those who can only pay 4 hours a day. Just one other thing for gamers to cry about it seems. 
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