can player free hold housing be attacked by other players or monsters? if so how can we guard our houses when we're not around? can we hire guards like the caravan system? or make our own npc guards with their own classes and race?


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    Freeholds can only be attacked for a short window after a successful siege of the parent node. They have addressed the question of npc guards a couple times in previous livestreams. Since you will be able to set permissions for access to your freehold (public, private, friends list only and so on) they don't see a mechanic where people would need guards. One specific example Jeffrey gave was that if you built it near a normal npc guard node patrol, that they might come help. In the case of a siege loss, you can defend your freehold from the victors, bring friends. If you are worried about people burning your stuff down while you are offline, there is a few to several day siege declaration period depending on node level. The sieges are said to scheduled during "prime time" for that server location, so people will not be able to schedule them for the middle of the night. If you plan to be gone more than a week, on the slim chance that your particular node just happened to be sieged then, you might not be able to react.

  • thanks guys for the info
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