Will there be nodes on islands? I haven't read anything about it and would  be disappointed if we had all these awesome ships and no island nodes to develop. 


  • They've stated that there will be lots of interesting places to explore in the naval content, so perhaps nodes are a piece of that. Work on that wont begin until after launch since it was a backer reward and not their main focus at the moment. 

    I'm looking forward to it, but I can wait. Will give me time to get my crafting abilities prepped.
  • Another question, can we freehold on an island? :)
  • An answer to both has been stated before. Yes, there will be island nodes. Yes, you can place a freehold anywhere in the world that meets the requirements, on an island, in the underrealm. 

  • @UnknownSystemError dude you are a freaking hero! Thanks for always answering and citing your answers. I'm so pumped now!
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