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[NA] Vedian|No Humans|PvX|PvP|Dungeons|Raiding|Commerce|RP|Politics

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(Let me preface this by saying, the Non-Human Guild is just in-game. We are not Other-Kin.)

Hello there, let me briefly explain what the Vedian Guild is all about. We are a guild that wants to do everything possible in the game. We are a Guild that will not tolerate filthy humans within our ranks. The Guild without humans, at least living humans for when those re-skins come. We accept all of the other races except for humans. This Guild has a Website with a mostly setup forums and a mostly setup Discord. 

What we will be doing:

Basically as much as we can. We plan on having a multitude of branches within our guild each lead by a different person. We will have a Master of Arms, Master of War, Master of Coin, and Master of Crafts. Most people will probably focus on one aspect or the other, but you are allowed to be in more than one of these branches. So far from what I have seen, Guilds will have a lot of versatility in that regard. 

Ranks in the Guild:

First off we will have myself, the Guild Leader. Then we have the heads of each branch below me. The heads of each branch will then chose what ranks they will have that are below them. For example, if you are in the crafting branch, you might have the skills Novice Artisan, Masterful Artisan, etc etc.
Each branch will have only a small number of ranks, that are all equal in Guild permissions.
There will however be Raid Leaders, Dungeon Leaders, and other forms of planners and leaders within the Guild. They might not have a rank in the Guild in game, but will have a rank in the Discord. 

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to basically have fun. We want to experience the game in our own way, a slight hue of RP thrown into the usual "Catch All" Guild. We will take some situations seriously such as moving our goods, besieging other nodes, taking part in raids, or zerg attacks. Other than those however, we will just be a group of people playing games and having fun. We intend to do as much as we possibly can to progress through the game, whether it is exploring, pvping, or just hanging out in a tavern talking to each other.

Branches? What?:

  • So, as I said before, there will be branches. Each branch is about something specific. The branch under Master of Arms is all about PvE/X. This will mostly consist of exploring, dungeons, and raiding. Everyone has to do this, yes. However, this branch is for those that only care about doing these things. They would also be the branch that would help supply the Crafting branch if those individuals want to. It is not needed however.
  • The branch under Master of War will be all things PvP related. This would be sieges, zergs, defending nodes from sieges, and protecting important cargo from players. This will most likely be the most strict branch of the Guild as most PvPers strive to get the best mechanics, the strongest classes, etc etc. 
  • The branch under Master of Crafts will be things related to crafting. This might be armor, weapons, ships, decorations, or purely for monetary gain. This branch will work with just about every other branch. They will get paid by the guild to supply the guild's needs and wants. 
  • Lastly, the branch under Master of Coin will be things money related. What sort of things should everyone be gathering, which nodes have the best prices, etc etc. This branch, the PvP branch, and the Artisan branch will all work closely together. Artisans to make what is worth the most and the PvP branch to protect the caravans from other players. Caravans are able to be made for personal use and for nodes that are Village+ (According to the Wiki, so we might be wrong.) 

Now, you may be wondering "What if you want to be in more than one branch?" That's simple. You can technically be in 3. You'll have to choose which branch will be your focus of course, but you will be able to help out with all of the other branches. You can also choose to only help the branch you are in.  

Who we are looking for:

Non-Humans who are looking for anyone that wants to make new friends, explore the world with us, and generally have fun. Most the leadership positions are open, and will most likely remain open until the launch or the Betas roll around. I am looking for individuals that have leadership capabilities to help me run this guild and run it well. We are also looking for Alpha Testers, to tell those about what they have learned. After all, knowledge is power.


  • Hey, this looks like a cool guild. I think I'm gonna join it.
  • Yea, just join the Discord I'll hook you up with a rank.
  • Nope. Just don't want those smelly for no good reason humans in our guild. 
  • Tombstone1973 said:
    Nope. Just don't want those smelly for no good reason humans in our guild. 
    This is war.
  • Think about it, they smell but usually offer no bonuses. Orcs are usually better smelters and fighters, so their smell is acceptable. Dwarves are usually amazing miners and smelters, so they get a pass. Elves are, depending on the universe, great at fighting, spellcasting, and enchanting. I don't know about these animal people... But they wont smell like filthy Human, so it's fine.
  • Trust me. #HumansSuck. 
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