Why i'm excited for AOC

I've been playing MMORPGs for a while now and lot of them are great, story driven, good tab target and action combat, but one thing i didn't like is that most of them didn't give players a chance to be unique or stand out from everyone else, for example FFXIV, don't get me wrong its a great game that i'm currently playing right now with a huge open world and an awesome lore, i think its one of the best stories in an MMO. in ffxiv players usually have to follow one or two rotation to get the most out of their characters, there is no room for you too play your job any way you want, you have to follow the same rotations that everyone does over and over again or wait for a new patch or expansion for a new skill to add to the same rotation, then at end game you repeat the same rotation in every fight, in every dungeon etc and that makes it boring.

what i've learned so far from AOC, i think there might be room for players to create there own play styles that's unique to them only and with the skill tree system no class will play exactly the same, adding in skills from weapons and armors , this adds another level of customization to our play styles. This is the biggest reason my i'm excited for AOC, what do you guys think?


  • I hope AoC does a better job than Eso when it comes to weapon skill lines.
    In eso there are 4 fighter weapons.
    The bow which is a typical bow.

    Dual Wield which is useless unless you farm 1 weapon set. Then you can use only one useful skill and become OP. Only one skill. And only if you have one specific set of weapons.

    The Two Handed which is a MUST if you are a fighter. Cant play without it.

    The One Handed/Shield. You would think that this weapon that boosts defence. Yes it does. However this weapon is the most agressive and it includes: gap closer(lol tank gap closing) stun, debuffs, ultimate regeneration. 
    Any class that uses this weapon cannot lose.

    So.... yeah... many skill lines are nice. Except for when they are all crap except for one. 

  • There are lots of weapon lines.

    • Spellbooks
    • Orbs
    • Staves
    • Daggers
    • Swords (1 handed/2h)
    • Shields
    • Axes (1h/2h)
    • Maces (1h/2h)
    • Clubs
    • Bows - Have a minimum distance
    • Potion Launchers
    • Wands
    More can be found here:  https://aocwiki.net/Items#Weapons
  • I can't enjoy any MMO out atm, they make too many mistakes.
    I need an MMO that isn't going to make mistakes.
  • the skill lines is up to the skill and how they want to play their classes, all don't have to be bad its just how you play them and add gear skill to support those skill, in turn creating a play style thats unique to you.
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